honey monster and steve king

Hi I am Steve King

I love playing and watching golf and you can regularly find me on the golf course, no matter the weather.

This picture is me with the Honey Monster at the British Par 3 Championships at Nailcote Hall , in case you’re wondering, I’m the one in Red! 

It’s probably a good idea to kick off and tell you a little bit about myself

I am an Internet or Affiliate Marketer based in the UK

It’s important to know that I am a self employed person who works online to make a living.

Most of my income is created by what I do online, either as a web designer, digital product creator or as an affiliate marketer for products and services that I recommend.

I have over twenty years of experience working in sales and marketing environments and I have been involved with online marketing since February 2005 where I took my first internet steps selling stuff on eBay.

Over the following years I have learned a great deal about online techniques, from website build and development, to traffic generation, SEO techniques, successful monetization of web pages and the creating of various memberships sites, using a variety of platforms, which all sit on the back end of my comprehensive sales funnels.

I’m not about just promoting the latest must have products to try and make money from my visitors at every turn. I am a big believer in helping people learn how to do it for themselves. This in itself adds value to my business as it helps me build trust and a solid relationship with my customers.

I have also been fortunate to have created several money making membership sites so you could say I know what works and what I’m talking about. But it was a bit of a hard road to get there and I share the ups and downs of my journey on the site.

For me online marketing has become more than just the hobby it was back in 2005. 

Back then I was trying to make a little extra money, these days I am creating lots of revenue streams that don’t need massive amounts of maintenance and which grow each month and help me move closer to my end goal of an early retirement.

I currently own UK based Swindon Websites which caters to the website design market in my local town of Swindon. 

I also own and run Fore King Golf which is my favourite website and is also home of the Weekend Golfers Academy which is an online coaching library with all the coaching being created with PGA Professional Richard Lawless.

I also run a hobby site called Football Came Home which is all about Football in England, focusing on the National Team and The Premier League, FA Cup etc.

So what’s this site about

Well working online gives me the freedom to work when and where I want to, which means I can have a much better work life balance than the one that the 9-5 grind lifestyle offers.

It also allows me to share my knowledge and create products to help other people live and succeed in an online lifestyle just as I do, which is where my blog comes in.

I look forward to sharing what I have learned in the internet and affiliate marketing space over the years and hope I can help you move toward the financial freedom we all desire.

If you ever need any help please feel free to get in touch and I will be happy to help if I can

Best regards