Basics Rules Of Sales That Still Work

Back To Basics And The Rules Of Sales That Still Work

With all the fancy technology and notions of selling that are around now days I really think that sometimes it pays to just go back to some honest rules about sales that have been around forever.

I think I have mentioned before that just because the gizmos we use in selling have changed does not mean that human nature has.

People still like to see certain things in the person they are buying from.

Be Knowledgeable

It has happened to the best of us.

A customer comes up with a zinger question about your product and you are left there open mouthed without an answer.  It has happened to me and it is very embarrassing.

We can’t avoid all instances of this but taking the time to keep up to date about the latest trends in your area will reduce the frequency of this happening.

People like to know that you know what you are talking about if they are going to buy from you.

Be Honest

Do not be tempted to stretch the truth to make a sale, it will bite you in the long run.

As sad as it is, many people still view sales people as untrustworthy, only motivated by getting their hands on the cash.

Don’t do anything to contribute to this stereotype.  If people are expecting it they will likely catch you out and then you can say goodbye to that sale and any in the future.

Not to mention the fact they are likely to brand you a liar to everyone they know.  It is just not worth it.

Be Persistent

This does not mean that you need to bug the customer for a decision every five minutes or clutter up their in tray with loads of emails each day.

I know myself that this approach is more likely to put people off than attract sales.

What it does mean is make sure you take every opportunity to show your enthusiasm for your product.

A follow up call with some new information is not harassment it is is just good business practice.

Actively Listen

This is probably the most important of all and as usual pertains to my central theme of letting the customer know that you value them and all they have to say.

Some people get so focused on the good points of their product that in their over eagerness to get them across to the prospective client they talk all over them.

How can you hope to satisfy your customer’s needs if you have not shut up long enough to find out what they are?

Probably none of these are earth shattering news to you but I think it is worth reminding ourselves about the basics every now and again.

I certainly try to keep these in mind at all times.

Happy Marketing

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