Building A Passive Income Website

Passive Income Website Case Study: Fore King Golf

Visit the website at Fore King Golf

Project Start Date: 24 November 2020

This case study will share my experiences of creating a Passive Income Website.

When you read through the levels of activity and work involved you will soon realise there is nothing passive about it.

There will inevitably be things that go great and some things will be a pain.

Some tech will break, or not work, and of course I need to please Google and Bing, and any algorithm changes they will likely have, to benefit from higher organic search rankings.

And once I start to rank there will be content thieves to deal with. Sad, but true.

Not to mention the small task of creating a super-fast, responsive website with amazing content, that helps the reader more than my competition does.

It’s not an overnight play.

I suspect it will probably take a couple of years to see an income of any real significance.

But whatever outcome the website achieves I hope it helps you in your own journey

Happy Marketing

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Website Tools & Resources

You can see the website at Fore King Golf

Hosting: I created a new account on my existing Reseller Account at D9 Hosting

Theme: I am using the GeneratePress Theme (Premium)


  • GenerateBlocks (Pro)
  • WP Rocket
  • Short Pixel
  • Perfmatters
  • WishList Member

There are other utility plugins that I use, which I will mention as I use them.

November 2020


In the first week I built the website.

I had a clear vision in my head of what I wanted so building it out was quite straight forward.

When you build a website try not to get bogged down in the initial site creation, choosing a theme and worrying about plugins, fonts, logos etc.

Just get it built and know that you can tweak it at a later date.

Content is key at this point.

I have created all the terms/privacy pages, the business about page, the about me page etc, that puts all the required stuff out the way and it’s time to focus on keyword research and creating content

Content Creation

A big time saver was to create a draft post which contains a ‘post template’, where I put in the general layout and I can now copy/paste it into a new post

This allows me to have the structure and fill in the blanks (almost)

I am trying a few different writing services, some will be good, some less so.

I am currently using three different writers, which are currently working on their first batches, I will update with feedback when I have them back.

December 2020

Membership Site Added to Fore King Golf

You can see the members area at

I have built a membership site using Wishlist Member and I have so far added three info products, complete with sales pages, order confirmation pages and content and download pages, integrated with Stripe

I may add email integration at a later stage, I’m still deciding if I want to go down that route

Content Creation

I had a small victory in the speed writing department

I managed to create a 1,500 word article and a pillar post articles in the same day

It used to take me 3-4 hours for a decent 1500 word article and afterwards I would have the energy or inclination to write a second article.

The more I write, the better I become, and the faster it happens.

So if you;re struggling at the moment, just know that after time things get easier.

I think I’m currently addicted to hitting the publish button

First Sale from the membership site, via JVZoo

sale 1

It only take consistent steps, every day, to get to where you are aiming.

January 2021

I took Part In Income Schools Ultimate Warrior Contest

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Income School team for putting UCW together, it’s already had a huge affect on my writing skills

When I wrote my entry for the first challenge,  I was quite confident that I would do ok. At the time it was the best article that I had produced.

I was a bit sad to only get a 6.3 out of 10, but it was a good kick up the backside to see what I need to do to improve

I read the comments and took them on board but at the time wasn’t too sure how I would implement them.

After completing challenge 5 (original research) I got stuck into it

And what started as a product page evolved into the best article I have written.

I spent around six hours writing 3125 words and it’s rammed full of everything I could include, unique research and hopefully is on point for the duration of the article.

When I started this project 1350 words seemed hard and yet today I easily wrote 3000+ words and even found myself editing to reduce the word count to make it read better.


So far I have I spent $1k on outsourced writing, so will be interesting to see what impact that has and at what point they pay for themselves.

I also renewed a few subscriptions, Generate Press Premium WishList Member, WP Rocket and also bought a couple of LTD on AppSumo (ShortPixel & Remaster Media)

February 2021

More Info Products Added

I now have all of my Golf Coaching Programs live on the website and I have set up all the relevant sales pages and membership levels.

Affiliate Program

I have added an affiliate program to the website, the first of which is for the Info Products for sale at JVZOO.

You can see the affiliates page here: Fore King Golf Affiliate Program

I have added an affiliate page to each Coaching program.

I have created some affiliate resources for each product, images and text swipes which can be used for blog posts or email sequences.

My longer term plan is to add the coaching to more sales platforms, such as JVZoo, Warrior+, Clickbank, Udemy etc

March 2021

My site is just over three months in to the case study.

A you know I am in the Golf Niche, which is very competitive, but I am in for the long haul

Informational Articles written to date

Picture of screenshot of Bloggerplot sowftare

Pic courtesy of Yanis @ BloggerPlot…a great tool to track progress.

I have outsourced some articles, which was a great learning curve.

I’ll share my experience in a separate post because I think I can help others avoid some of the mistakes I made.

Traffic took a dip in February

Website Problems

I built the info product membership section built into my website and it’s managed by WishList Member.

If someone tries to access paid content, when they haven’t paid, I have the site redirect them to a non-members page, with options to sign up

This is a fairly good experience for the human user but the bots don’t like it.

The redirect returns a 200 code (which is usually good) but all the pages that have paid content on which I have redirected to the non-members page started to return errors

I took the decision to relocate the entire membership section into a sub directory on a second install of WordPress.

This seems to have done the trick and all the errors are gone and traffic is flowing again

How Are Things Going?

It’s always good to get other people’s opinions and perspectives about what your working on.

I had my site reviewed by Alex at WP Eagle and he offered up some different suggestions about the way I had been writing my titles, so I’m working on that.

You can see the review below and my site is around the 40 minute mark.

WP Eagle reviewed Fore King Golf

Overall I am pleased that I have managed to get the site to 44 articles and I’m on track for the 120 article target I set myself for this first year.

I have started to add Amazon and other affiliate links.

I have now streamlined my writing process, and have no other tasks to complete on the site so I am now fully into content creation mode, and hopefully when lockdown finally lifts in the UK I’ll be able to get back to the YouTube channel too.

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