Building A YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel Case Study: Fore King Golf

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Project Start Date: 24 November 2020

I wanted to share my experience of creating a YouTube Channel, another passive income model.

As always, when you read through the levels of activity and work involved you will soon realise there is nothing passive about it.

Full Disclaimer: I already had a channel with 21 subs and around 50 videos for Weekend Golfers, which I decided to re-brand and use for Fore King Golf.

This channel had minimal views and zero engagement.

Working online takes a ton of time and effort so there’s no point reinventing the wheel when you don’t need to.

December 2020

I made a lot of shorts

I got stuck into making shorts throughout the end of November and into December.

Shorts are YouTube’s answer to TikTok.

They are videos which are designed for mobile and display in portrait mode and are 60 seconds or less.

Very much designed for modern life’s attention span deficit.

As with most new initiatives rolled out by Google, they often reward those people that embrace their new technology, take action and make content, so it’s likely decent views will follow.

I have made 55 so far, all of which are published.

January 2021

Making some progress

28 days since my first short, 55 shorts later, I am very encouraged by the results

Picture of Steve;s YouTube Channel Stats

The shorts I made range from 150 views up to 10k views

The views don’t count toward watch time but they have helped with attracting new subscribers.

Using Shorts was the main reason I reached the first major milestone of 100 subscribers

It’s also been enjoyable switching between the website and the YouTube channel rather than just writing all the time.

It helps keep things fresh in my mind.

Plus the added bonus of getting subscribers and 1,000’s of views, which is far more rewarding than the blogging ghost town, which gives you nothing for up to a year.

It’s also given me some momentum.

February 2021

I have a YouTube Channel Name: Fore King Golf

That’s not new information but instead of seeing this ugly URL:

I can now use a slightly prettier URL

it’s like getting a golden star at school when I was 5

I currently have videos scheduled to publish every Monday & Friday until the middle of March.

Having these already in the pipeline now frees me up to write lots of content for the website.

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I am also building a passive income website at the same time as this YouTube Channel, and I have a case study for that too, which you can follow along to at: Building A Passive Income Website