Do You Know What Your Dream Business Is

I hope you are all well

Do you know what your dream business is?

If not, you might want to spend more time on working out what your dream business is before you read this about creating your dream business.

You see, once you know what your business should look like: who you are going to help, what help they need, how you are going to help them, how you are going to deliver your help, and how you are going to structure getting paid, then you can think about creating the business itself.

Now, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with starting to create it before you know those answers, in fact, that’s what I did

but I believe you have to be very dedicated to finding your unique selling point and how you are going to add value to other people’s lives.

Or what happens is that you get drawn astray by quickie methods of building a fake business –

​​like focusing on Facebook friends or Instagram followers or YouTube views or quickie software the promises traffic or other smoke and mirrors things that people tell you that you HAVE to have to have a business by the way,

anytime someone tells you that you HAVE to have THEIR software or training course to figure things out, be very careful you don’t get hooked into their “web” of manipulated loyalty 🙂

It’s one thing to follow, respect and trust someone because what they teach helps, makes sense, and you WANT to follow, totally another to be manipulated into believing you HAVE to have their software or training.

By the way, I’ll put my money where my mouth is – you DON’T need MY training to succeed online. ​

I do believe there are certain things you need to do, but you can learn them from many others online, not just me!

Ok, so let’s assume you know what you want to help with, or how you want to help them, or who needs help learning or doing what you are good at.

So what’s next?

First – it’s NOT to go out and get a million subscribers or millions of visitors or write a million blog posts or videos or do anything else faddish or excessive.

Here’s what I did:

I got involved in a small community and became intimately involved such that people trusted me and wanted to be involved with me.

Not because I begged them or made ridiculous promises or anything like that.

I simply got involved, delivered great value, and gave them a shot to get on my own list with a simple squeeze page.

And when people got onto my own list, I did just what I’m doing now

I wrote them emails to help them learn, then I asked them from time to time how I could help them and they responded and then I could know what products to create and eventually what to coach and so on. ​

But it all happened with a small community that I got into, and developed relationships

NOT with massive traffic or huge advertising campaigns or anything like that.

But almost all my other traffic has almost ALWAYS been getting involved in small communities and foregoing the fast sales for building relationships the old-fashioned way: slow.

So my recommendation for building a large business starts small

1) Start with what you want to help others with, where there is a need for your kind of help.

2) Get involved in small communities where you can build relationships.

3) Be willing to start very small and build strong loyalty, which leads to high conversion rates.   

One thing about my own business is that I drive very little traffic, but I get high conversions.

​Because I took the time to find out exactly what converted and how to get it to convert better and better over time. NOT because I focused on volume.

4) Slow down, build solid, build right, build deep, build loyalty, build high conversions.

Hope this helps

Until next time

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