Easy Affiliates Income – Is There Such A Thing?

by Steve | Last Updated: August 31, 2021

In This Post I Share How I Made $16k In Affiliate Sales, With No Subscriber List, Using A Simple System That Anyone Can Copy


Have you spent lots of time and money trying to promote someone’s product as an affiliate?

Have you done this without much success?

You have yet to make it on to a top guru’s JV leader board?

You think you need a big email list to be able make affiliate commissions?

Dear Friend and Fellow Entrepreneur

If you answered YES to any of the questions above then you are in the right place

I have put together a simple, easy to follow programme that could get you in a position to make affiliate commissions without the need of a big list to promote to.

This is not some push button get rich quick scheme – we’re fed up of those as well.

This is a simple method that DOES require some effort on your part, but once you’ve mastered it you can easily replicate it time after time.

So what is Easy Affiliates Income?

Very simply – my method of being able to make affiliate sales without having a big eMail list to promote to!!

I think it’s important that I  show you some proof of what I’ve achieved doing this as I am definitely not a fan of selling a theory that I  haven’t used myself… I’m sure you’ve seen the type of thing I mean.

Also you won’t see any pictures of me driving fancy cars or any holidays snap shots of me working on a beach for an hour a day…simply because I haven’t bought a fancy car and I haven’t been on a beach but rather I’ve been working hard in my office!

…but how about some real details of what I’ve made.

I only started doing this recently but even in my first affiliate promotion, using this method, I managed to reach sixth place in Internet Marketing Guru John Thornhill’s Joint Venture leader board, not only making thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions in the process but also receiving a $500 cash prize for coming in sixth place, as you can see from the picture below.

And the good thing about this method is once you know what to promote, where and how to list it properly, then it really is very easy to replicate.

And the great thing about this affiliate promotion method is that it only costs your time and a very small investment of $20, which is a tiny fraction of the prize money never mind the commissions I made through each sale, as John’s product ‘Partnership To Success’ cost $1997 and paid 50% in commissions

This means that you won’t have any cash flow problems, which is the main cause of failure with most start-up businesses.

What other business opportunity can offer you that?

JUST IMAGINE what sort of income you could generate if you chose to promote a product that was in hot demand…

AND JUST IMAGINE if you were able to make multiple promotions at the same time…

AND JUST IMAGINE A BIT MORE if you could get these promotions in front of thousands of potential customers, from all round the world, with ease…


“You have absolutely nothing to lose & everything to gain!”

YOU can do this!
This strategy is so SIMPLE I guarantee ANYONE, anywhere in the world can follow it.

YOU will gain freedom and control over your time.
Once the initial work is done you can keep on top of it anytime of day, maybe during a free hour after work, on even on your lunch break.

YOU will be able to tap in to the affiliate commissions being paid daily
Affiliate Marketing is huge and, as you’ve probably witnessed already, there are always new products and service to promote.

YOU will make profits.
As I’ve shown you, I used this method for the last promotion I made and I have already made a decent profit and best of all YOU can too and once you’ve been through the course you’ll be able to do this over and over again yourself!

YOU will have fun doing this.
There is nothing like the thrills of seeing all of your work pay off with affiliate sales.  And there is nothing like the sense of pride you are going to feel when you start seeing your name appearing on JV Leader Boards.

YOU can achieve all this from the comfort of your own home!

So what’s included in the course?

Well to start off with, it’s all in video format so you can simply watch the videos pause them to make your notes and when you’re ready to apply what’s being taught you simply come back to watch, pause and apply.

Video 1 – The Introduction

The videos start with an introduction and showing you the product I promoted and proof of my success using this method.

Video 2 – The Classified Ad

I then give you an overview of the site I used to apply this method and detail the amount of traffic that visits the site on a regular basis, and how I was able to tap into that traffic with relative ease.

Video 3 – The Bonus Offer

I then move on to Bonus offers and the importance of making them relevant to the product or service that you’re promoting, it’s no good promoting an Internet Marketing coaching course and offering a weight loss product as a bonus.

Video 4 – The Sales Letter

I detail how I wrote the sales letter, making it honest and personal, detailing some of my  struggles, so that people could relate to what was said and feel some empathy with my story, and in doing so I grab their attention.

Video 5 – Communication Is Key

Answering questions is extremely important and when doing so you may have to do a little research so as to give a comprehensive answer.

I cover this in detail and show you how to make your answers stand out for future readers.

I hope this helps you with your Affiliate Marketing efforts and I wish you all the best

Happy Marketing


PS – Don’t waste money on nonsense get rich quick business opportunities.  If you want a sensible and practical business that requires a little honest work, instead of another ‘fortune without effort’ scheme, this is it!

PPS – Remember home based businesses with low overheads are ideally placed for success during an economic downturn.  Plus with this business there’s no need to tie up money in stock purchases.