Steve’s Online Journey

Hello I’m Steve King and I would like to give you a warm welcome to my blog.

These days I am lucky enough to make an online income from selling various Information Products across a number of different niches.

I get regular affiliate income from a variety of products that I promote and generally I take things easy

But it wasn’t always like that.

I used to be someone who could just about access an e-mail account; and I could use Google to find what I wanted, but it used to take me much longer than it does now.

I had no idea what a domain was or how to point it to my server, I didn’t know how a Search Engine worked – let alone how to optimize for one.

So I decided to take action and I enrolled on a variety of courses and went through a very steep learning curve to find out the ins and outs of everything that  I needed to know.

Eventually I came out the other side equipped to be able to make an online income for myself and have the financial freedom to change my life.

I created this page to keep a record of my progress online.

I’m pretty sure I will look back at it over the years and have mixed emotions about what I have achieved and also what my future self will cringe at.

Either way this is my online journey and I’m happy to be able to share what I learned with you and I hope it helps you too.

Feel free to ask any questions that you may have or just leave a comment on the blog.

I look forward to meeting you and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Fore King Golf

We’re still in lock-down (March 2021) and it’s been really hard trying to book Golf venues for my 2021 Golf Tour, so it’s looking likely that I will be binning this idea for 2021 as well as 2020, and who knows, maybe forever.

Good job I like working online.

I have written like a maniac and have added 43 articles (150,000 words of content) to Fore King Golf, which is ever evolving and is slowly transferring in to a golf affiliate site instead of a Golf tour, It’s now ready to start monetising with affiliate links and is also gearing up for Premium Ads, I am aiming for Mediavine or AdThrive.

Info Product Geek

My first ever IM blog was (this one) and I started publishing to it on 4th February 2009. Around six years ago I missed the renewal deadline and I lost the domain.

Which was a pain as I had worked hard creating content for the site and it had a decent Domain Authority. It was snapped up by a clothing company based in China and since that time I have been looking to get it back. Perhaps that’s the OCD in me as I always felt it wasn’t a completed task.

In February I managed to get it back and I have been busy behind the scenes updating, editing and improving the content, that I had saved elsewhere. This will be the home of everything I know about running an Info Product Business


Covid happened and my Golf Business got hammered. The Tour managed to hold one event in March before being cancelled for the rest of 2020.

So in April I signed up for the Income School Project24 Blogging Course. I did this because I wanted to have a break from creating YouTube Channels and Info Products for a time.

I was interested to see what their take on Blogging was, so I paid $399 to find out. The course is very good but a lot of the focus is around creating YouTube Channels and Info Products, which I am already happy with.

The Blogging part was very interesting and it helped me understand a few missing pieces from my own content creation that will help improve what I write in the future.

There is an annual renewal of $199, but I won’t be renewing as I feel like my own system serves me better when creating Info Products.

I sold my Content Samurai Reviews Website. This turned out to be a decent project / case study and one that I will repeat in the future.


I love golf and on 1st September 2019 I set up my own Amateur Golf Tour, called UK AM Golf Tour, which was subsequently re branded to Fore King Golf Tour in late 2020

I moved all of the Weekend Golfers Info Products across to this website.

I created a review website for Content Samurai, which paid recurring affiliate payments for sale of it’s software. The site started making sales after 4 months, all from Organic Search traffic, and continued to grow month on month. The site took me less than a day to build and made over $2k in year one

I created a YouTube Channel for Fore King Golf. This is a pretty passive attempt at monetising the website. I have batched some content to be published consistently 2-3 times a week. I will make another batch of videos when they are needed.

This is quite a hands off approach and something I will take more seriously when it monetises, my approach may take a long time, maybe a year or two, but I am not in a rush.


I sold my eBay Prints business, which included my eBay Account which had around 5k positive feedback. I also provided all the resources for the new owner.

With the success of Facebook selling groups, and no fees for selling, I may not sell the same way again on eBay in the future.

I also sold off a few more of my websites and spent the year working more at my Web Design business at Swindon Websites


A major change in my Online Business

I sold my biggest website Easy Auction Income. It was a solid website for me and had generated around $30k.

I was careful about who I sold it to as I wanted all the existing members to be well looked after in the future, which they were.

I also sold off all my iPhone Apps

I did this to concentrate on my web design business at Swindon Websites


I wanted to go back a few years to 2012 when Easy Auction Income first started and share a small experience I had which I hope will help some people stay on track and persevere with their goals.

During my time online, like many others I had fallen foul of the ‘shiny objects’ or ‘push button systems’ that promise to deliver loads and more often than not just cause them more of a financial loss and most likely an increase in frustration.

I made the a consious decision to switch from ‘buyer to seller’ and so I created a short video coaching program about how you can make money on eBay selling photo prints.

This course became Easy Auction Income 1.0 – Selling Photo Prints on eBay

I broke everything down into simple to follow sections and within a fairly short period of time people could be up and running and starting to make some additional money for themselves.

I initially did a very soft launch at a discounted price and opened the doors to around 250 paying members.

I obviously charged a fee so I could make some money, which was the original point of doing it.

But the great thing about the coaching was that it is easy to follow and it helped some members make their first ever online profit.

Notice I say ‘profit rather than sale’ – meaning they have made enough sales to not only cover the small cost of the course, any fees incurred on eBay and had some money left over for themselves….a profit

The really nice thing was they wrote to me and thanked me for creating the course and for helping them, which I have to say was been the most rewarding part.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, like many others I also spent a few years without making any money, and worse I spent a lot too.

But I persevered and worked hard to make things happen.

Every day I spent time working on my online business and moved it forward until it allowed me to have the lifestyle that it does today.

So I urge you to keep at it and if you continue to take action and work hard at your business then you too can be the master of your own destiny.


It was a busy year for Info Product Creation.

I created several more courses for Easy Auction Income, which included:

  • Easy Auction Income 2 – Selling CD Roms on eBay ($27)
  • Easy Auction Income 3 – Profit From Posters (with Rob Corrigan) ($27)

I also created two more membership levels within Easy Auction Income, which were:

  • EAI Premium – which was giving access to all the resources and tools that I use to run the eBay business ($47 per year)
  • EAI Platinum was more advanced training and also gave a higher level of support ($97 per year or $187


I priced EAI Premium at $47 per year or $97 lifetime and EAI Platinum was priced at $97 per year or $197 lifetime.

Weekend Golfers

Weekend Golfers have just finished building our second iPhone App – How To Fix A Slice

Rich & I learned a few lessons from the launch of our first App ‘The Golf Score Tracker’

The first and biggest was price point.  Despite the App only being £0.69 / $0.99 people still didn’t seem to want to pay for it!

We made 14 sales in the first couple of weeks – nothing to make us go crazy, but hey there are always lessons to be learned.

So we decided to make the App free for a week and we had just over 300 downloads – pretty cool if you know what’s behind the scenes!

And compared to email optins it was great…I can’t remember a time where we had 300+ people optin to our subscriber lists in a week!

Anyway, for our second app, and first video coaching app, we decided to stick to our proven marketing tactics and give away some content for free, which is our LITE verison- and inside the app we give people the chance to upgrade to the Pro version if they like what they see.


2014 was all about Golf for me.

Weekend Golfers Academy is a project that I have been working on throughout the year and I expect this is the place I will spend most of my time when I am working online.

So what is it and what have I been doing – well it’s an online golf coaching academy

You can check it out at  Weekend Golfers Academy

I have set up a WordPress Website & then added the membership section, I’m using WishList member, and I’ve then set up amazon S3 to play the videos, we then created a video coaching series as an optin freebie.

Also set up the social media accounts, such as Twitter, a Facebook Fan Page, YouTube Channel and FLickr account for all the lovely pictures….and I created our Affiliates Program and all the resources needed.

It’s only when you break things down do you realise just how much work is involved – but it’s going to be worth all the work. 

Golf is something I am passionate about and using all my experience as an IM’er I know we will be able to deliver a solid membership program.

I get to do all the techy stuff and my business partner Richard Lawless who is an excellent PGA teaching professional will provide all the hands on golf coaching. 

Between us we have a great blend of skill sets and so far it’s going well.

We also took over a physical premises at Woodbridge Park Golf Club

We’re also in talks with a major golf clothing outfitter to become partners, so we’ll use all the clothing in the video, watch this space on that one.


There are no secrets to success, and a dream doesn’t become a reality by magic. 

It takes hard work and determination.  As Gordon B. Hinckley said ‘without hard work nothing grows but weeds’.

I’ve been working hard for some time with a good friend, Mandy Allen. 

We met on an Internet Marketing course in February 2009 and have joined up on a number of projects since then. 

Our latest project is something we’ve been building towards since we first met – our first IM membership site.  We realised recently, when we questioned why we hadn’t achieved this before now, that we didn’t have the background to give us recognised credibility before. 

We were too ‘new’ in the IM world for people to take us seriously, even though we are both professionals in our individual fields, and have a wealth of transferable skills between us. 

but over the last few years we have earned the respect of a wider network of marketers and have built up the credibility to launch a product such as this.

The membership site officially launched on March 1st, 2013 and had quite a good response, lots of sign ups in the first few months.

The membership site hosts a collection of bite sized tutorials that can be bought as stand alone products or bought in the membership area via a monthly subscription. 

The benefit of the top tier membership is the buyer gets access to both Mandy and I for any additional help they might need during their membership with us. 

We will offered this help via google hangouts each week, and one to one skype calls where necessary. 

In addition to this we also created extra video when it was necessary to explain any process the members had difficulty with.

I’ve been on several IM courses, as most of us have, and they all seem to offer help,

But it often ends up being email or support ticket help and sometimes people just need to talk to someone, face to face, have the chance to have an open discussion

This helps them clearly explain any difficulty in person rather than trying to write it down and then maybe they don’t really understand the answer so they’re back to square one.

As well as the membership site we also held live in-person workshops.  The first (and as it turned out only) event was held in April. The attendance was hampered by weather and transport issues, and after lots of feedback from member we converted the course to be accessible online.

2013 was a good year in general but as everything in life had room for improvement


I launched Easy Auction Income

This is a coaching course that teaches people who to sell photo prints on eBay. I have had good success with this model and the course is really in depth and shows a beginner how to do everything.

One of my highlights of this year was driving 400 Miles to make a Product in a Day!

What the hell is that all about?

Well it’s how I spent a day.  I usually got to lay in bed after 7am on a Saturday, but not this day.

I jumped in my car at 6:45 am & popped out for a chat with my friend Rob Corrigan, trouble is Rob lives nearly 200 miles away from me so it took a few hours….but it was going to be worth it….fingers crossed

We were getting together to create a digital product together – A Fire-sale, which is basically a heavily discounted Sale of all the products we have created – we added some cool services and bonuses to our package too

We got the idea from John Thornhill, who has been instrumental in both Rob and my own progress online. 

John had recently done a fire-sale of his own called 72 Hours Of Madness and then posted his results on his blog. 

We listen to what John had to say and saw an opportunity for us to have a go too.

I arrived in Liverpool at around 9:30 and was met by a very cheery Rob (he always is) and by 1:30 we had finished our product…apart from ordering our graphics.

The website we created was called Madness or Magic (seemed fine at the time)

Madness or Magic

We even had an email consultation with John, who was happy to help us out – even on a weekend!  Top Man – and that was in spite of his team Sunderland going out of the FA Cup!

John gave us some very clear choices about how we should market the Fire-sale…

Get the backing of some top Internet Marketers and promote via an affiliate program (probably Clickbank) or use the mass traffic of eBay and run an Auction.

We tried both and failed miserably both times. We made around $800 each which was ok considering the time spent to create it but we were hoping for more.

On the bright side the content wasn’t wasted and we could pivot easily enough and use it in another project we are working on

Overall Product Sales and Affiliate Sales were pretty good this year but not enough to be drinking cocktails on the beach as is painted in many an Internet Marketers sales-page

Always next year


I am engrossed in yet more online studying to become the IM master that I will one day become.

Have you worked out my sense of humour yet?

What’s this latest course I have embarked upon?

It’s the 30 Day Challenge!

You may have heard of it.  I have learned so much in just a short time and there are so many tools that I can use and I now understand where they can be used and how.

During the 30 day challenge I built an Ad-sense focused website called Lawn Problems which is already ranked on google in the top 10 out of 24,700,000 other sites and pages. 

How awesome is that. 

Now I know the ranking will change all the time, but top 10 in just four days is quite staggering.

I already get more traffic to my new site after four days than I do with my main blog after nearly 8 months. 

I’m sure you’ll agree these tactics are worth pursuing and I’m going to be adopting plenty of the strategies I’ve learned over the last ten days and I’ll share what I find out.

In other news Beginner’s Guide to Sales has just had 5 Clickbank Ads created so there is another avenue for the traffic to come from. 

Weekend Golfers released three more coaching programs and we have several others in planning stage.

The sales are doing ok, with all four programs making multiple sales each month

Remember if you want to get a piece of the pie so to speak you can become an affiliate

I have created lots of tools for you to use, which will make promoting easier and quicker for you, which means that you’ll be able to chill out and watch the commissions roll in.

You can see the coaching programs at Weekend Golfers

  • Drive For Show
  • Putt For Dough
  • How to Fix A Slice
  • Play Golf Between The Ears

In October, I took the decision to get involved in making Apps to sell at Apple’s iTunes Store, so I learned all I needed to know to get the job done.

As Rich & I already had the video coaching content so it was simply a case of reformatting the videos and getting a programmer to take care of the techie parts.

Making the Apps was not as difficult as I imagined it would be and is something that can be learned by most people, even if you don’t have any techie skills to speak of.

The main thing was in making sure that I knew exactly what I wanted before I started looking for a programmer, especially as I had no plans to spend any more money than was absolutely necessary.

In terms of money, the cost of making apps can be as little as a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

It’s a bit like anything, do a bit of research and see what you get for your money.  My first app cost just under $900 and my last app cost just $270

Lots more in the pipeline but I am planning to make some more Internet Marketing Info Products too

The first of which is called Easy Auction Income – a coaching course that teaches people who to sell photo prints on eBay. I have had good success with this model and the course is really in depth and shows a beginner how to do everything.


I kicked off 2010 by choosing to improve my understanding of Affiliate Marketing and also Marketing to Affiliates.  Two very different animals.

In terms of Affiliate Marketing I had already been making sales as an affiliate through either my relationship with my subscribers as well as up-selling affiliate products on my own product download pages, but not with any real plan or specific goals.

It was more a case of hoping someone would buy an Affiliate Product through my link rather than taking them through a clearly mapped out sales funnel…

lesson learned but not for a few months.

Meet Mark Ling – Mark is an extremely successful Internet Marketer who earns well in excess of one million dollars per year.

Mark is well known in the internet marketing world, mainly due to his launch of and highly successful products such as AffiloJetpack, AffiloBlueprint and Traffic Travis.

Having been in the game since 1999, Mark has built up a wealth of knowledge about a range of topics from affiliate marketing through to product launches….so  a wealth of knowledge to learn from.

I completed the AffiloBlueprint course and have a site in the Energy Niche that does quite well (Alternate Home Energy Review) I also set up a website based on the Facebook game Farmville, my site is called Farmville Frenzy and it does ok

The highlight of the year for me was the creation of Weekend Golfers

I wanted to have a break from working in the IM niche and as I love playing golf it was an obvious step forward for me to create some golf products using the IM skills I had learned over the past couple of years.

The WG Team grew very quickly, with my partner PGA Pro Richard Lawless (who is the best golf coach I have ever met)

We created our first Video Coaching Program called Drive For Show 

It took a few months to get things how we wanted them, but Rich and I have finally launched Drive For Show.

This is the first of many of our golf products that we are planning to release over the next 12-18 months and to be honest it was the most fun I have had creating any of my products.

Although we’re not actors, so we have a bloopers reel full of laughter and swearing that makes us both go red and smile  each time we watch them…we plan on giving them to our subscribers around Christmas time

So if you’re into golf and would like to be able to hit your drives straighter and longer, then I obviously recommend Drive For Show.

If you’re into money, then sign up as an Affiliate and make yourself 50% commission on $47.

Drive For Show Golf Coaching

I also knew the value of recruiting an army of Affiliates to sell our products.

To do this properly is an quite a big undertaking and as luck would have it, out of a converstaion born on the Warrior Forum, I came to an agreement with a lovely guy called Gary Caine.

I am proud to say that Gary is Weekend Golfers Affiliate Manager and has created us an excellent site  – WG Affiliates Team and Gary know’s how to market to Affiliates.

And between us we have one of the best Affiliate Programs in the golf niche….feel free to try us out and watch your commissions come pouring in.

During this time I also became a Moderator for John Thornhill’s Masterclass Forum, which I was really pleased to be able to do and for the most part I am able to help out other MC Students, who are going through the same aches and pains I went through a few years ago.

In terms of financial successes, I had some good weeks and some bad weeks, as we all do, but one of the highlights was that I beat my record sales day with a $1500 pay day.  Not bad for a couple of hours work.

During the year I also did some work with local businesses, which created some sensible pay days but more importantly for the future of my online business,

I recruited one of my best online friends, Kathy Dobson, to be my Outsourcing Manager for both Weekend Golfers and my IM businesses.

We only did a little bit of work at the end of the year, but there are plans to do a lot more throughout 2011, WG has three more products in the pipeline which will all be ready for the start of the 2011 golf season.

2010 was the biggest step forward in my IM Journey, I earned significantly more than I’d spent, I have built a solid business in Weekend Golfers and the future is looking pretty rosy. 

I have now signed up to go through Alex Jeffrey’s Marketing with Alex course, to see where else I can improve my online business, you can read about that in the 2011 review.


I remember it well – It was the last week of 2008 and I had bought a CD Course from eBay…it got delivered to me the first week of January 2009

The CD was The 90-Day Powerseller Challenge by John Thornhill

It was all about having your own ebook shop on ebay and selling ebooks that needed to be burned on to CD-Rom’s (they had to be to comply with the eBay regulations which had just come in force).

I watched all the videos and for the first time I was able to follow along and I almost understood everything. 

When I bought the product John promised to send me any future updates for free…all I had to do was tell him which email he should send it to.

Once again I was on a mailing list.

As it turned out this time was a good time to be on a mailing list.  I had unwittingly stumbled upon someone who had been making money online full-time. 

John was a proven eBay Powerseller and had been making a small fortune online and in my inbox was an email from John informing me that he was going to be selling a Resellers License for one of the products he was selling  – it may even have been 90-Day Power Seller Challenge…I can’t remember.

I watched the sales videos of John’s incomes being paid into his ClickBank accounts and it certainly turned my head. 

I was to be left disappointed this time round as I couldn’t afford to pay the fee – I think it was $297 or maybe $497…at the time I would have struggled to raise $27.

But I came away with a feeling that I had missed out on a good opportunity.

A few weeks later I received another email from John (well quite a few actually) this time he was re-opening the doors to his 36-Week Marketing Masterclass.

I knew I had to get in on this one – although this time the fee was the best part of $1600 and I never had the money.

At the time I wasn’t aware that it was a broadcast email to John’s many lists, I thought it was a personal email to me, after all he’d used my name (a tactic I would employ at a later date).

Anyway I wrote John an email saying I would have loved to join the course but I couldn’t afford it. 

Later that night I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me I had to get on the Marketing Masterclass Course…so I SOLD MY CAR to pay the fee.

Actually my car raised enough money to pay the first two months payments…which was ok because in two months time I would be earning money online and all would be good.

I was so excited, I wrote and told John what I had done…which he told me I shouldn’t have..

who knew what I was really getting into

I was putting my trust in John to teach me how to make money online and in 36-weeks time I would have an online business and could give up my day job and have the financial freedom I was looking for.

So I got stuck into the course, each week I was being sent a load of coaching and tasks to do, I dutifully filled in my checklists and kept a folder, which was all nicely organised, I still have it and I occasionally look at it when I forget my ftp login details.

It was exciting times…I was learning to be a marketer and the things I was being taught were great, I really enjoyed sitting at my computer working on my business.

It wasn’t that long before I made a sale as an Affiliate for one of John’s other products Profit From PLR , which for me is still John’s best work, in terms of the quality content you get for the price you pay, I am in fact a Licensed Reseller of Profit From PLR

During the 36-Week Course I learned how to blog and how to create a digital product and sell it in the ClickBank Marketplace.

I’m the first to admit that it wasn’t always plain sailing and I did get frustrated…but I had help!

One of the biggest bonuses of the course was the members forum.  I have made some really good friends as a result of doing the course, Mandy Allen, Rob Corrigan, Kathy Dobson,  John Edwards, Jay Meuller, Jacinta Dean, Keith Alston, Randy Smith, Dan Thompson, Paula Brett, Stuart Turnbull, Steve Wilkins to name but a few….sorry if I missed you off

The spirit of the Masterclass Members is a massive help in completing the course as everyone is really helpful and there was a feeling that we all wanted to see each other succeed and would do what we could to help achieve this.

The masterclass wasn’t the only coaching program for me in 2009. 

I also took part in The Thirty Day Challenge delivered by Ed Dale, Dan Raine & GuruBob. 

I was exposed to another aspect of working online:  SEO, Link Building, Article writing, Social Media, Keyword Research and most importantly Market & Niche Research.

I wish I’d done this course before I’d done the Masterclass Course as my learning curve would have been easier and my results would have been significantly better.  But there you are. 

For a few months I was actually doing both courses at the same time, which was a test of my organisation and time management. 

I also was also guilty of trying to run too many projects all at the same time

a crucial lesson that I learned and a mistake I won’t be repeating again…very busy doing nothing!

For the remainder of 2009 I continued trying to decide what content and topics I wanted to deliver on my own blog

I eventually chose Internet Marketing and decided to share what I had learned.

Next year has to be better…right?


A brief recap of my journey so far.

  • I learned how and where to buy a domain
  • I bought my own hosting account to host my domains.
  • I learned how to build a blog using WordPress and install it into my domain name.
  • I personalised the blog by changing the theme and installing a custom made header and a footer.
  • I opened a Clickbank Account so that I can promote and sell other peoples products and earn affiliate commissions.
  • I put some Clickbank Affiliate products into the links on the blog sidebars, all relevant to making money online.

I have also set up an Adsense Account which has enabled me to integrate the adsense code into the code of the blog and have adverts automatically appear on any posts that I write.  They are keyword specific and  will therefore compliment the post content.

Apparently, the most important step so far was to register for an account with AWeber to set up an auto responder to enable me to start building a subscriber list.

I have learned about placing banners into the blog posts and into the sidebars.  I have also gotten into the habit of writing posts for the blog.

I have also been making short videos about my progress

I have put them together because I can see a real opportunity to do some affiliate marketing with them in the latter part of the year.


The first time I decided to take a look at Internet Marketing was after I saw a video on YouTube, from the Black Hat Millionaire – Chris Canos, showing how Chris had made millions online and that it was so easy even I could do it too.

Chris had set up an auto-responder that ran into about 10 days…which was when I caved and joined his membership site. 

This was my first experience of WordPress, even back then when I didn’t have a clue, I thought the site looked great.

It was also my first time I had been sold to online.

This was a big thing for me for two reasons:

  1. I was very, very skeptical about paying money online as I thought it had to be a scam
  2. I come from a sales background and I thought I would spot a sales pitch from a mile away…guess not!

The Black Hat Millionaire was all about breaking the rules and making cash as fast as you could.  It sounded great!

I got lost in my first attempt at a resellers hosting account at Host Gator…at this point I wasn’t even aware of what a host account was or what it was for. 

From memory I paid more money for my membership than I should have, didn’t understand most of what I was being shown…but somehow I was very interested in finding out more about the online world.

For the rest of the year I bought a bunch of ebooks or reports that promised lots but in reality cost me my time as well as my money.

For the first time I was hearing about sites like Host Gator & GoDaddy – I didn’t have a clue what a domain was.

The only real value I got from 2008 was that I learned about SaleHoo and Drop Shipping, which seemed legitimate…

albeit a bit tricky to find a decent business to trade with, with out losing my shirt…

I paid for another bunch of eBooks and didn’t take action with any of them.

Not because I was lazy or stupid, but because they were missing the key ingredients. 

It was like doing a 10,000 piece jigsaw without a picture to refer to.  It was pretty demotivating and very frustrating.

I’m not programmed to quit – I just hadn’t found what I was looking for –  trouble was, I didn’t know what I was looking for.

Next year has to be better…right?


Not too much to report

I dabbled with eBay a bit more and read a few more make money online guides

I spent more than I earned


I thought I would use this opportunity to tell you about my own experiences of chasing the online dollar, my aches & pains and my successes both large & small.  Effectively this is going to be warts and all.

My Internet Marketing Journey started on 4th February 2005

Like most people who are starting out online I read an ebook (from somewhere I forget)  which claimed that I could easily make a ton of money selling stuff on eBay.

I had a very brief look, lost a bit of cash & ended up subscribed to a bunch of people’s mailing lists (although at the time I didn’t realise it).

Not the best start to a life of financial freedom

Next year has to be better…right?

Steve’s Info Products – Internet Marketing
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Easy Auction Income – Profit From Prints
Easy Auction Income 2 – Selling CD Rom’s on Ebay
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