Week Five Day Three Of The Six Week Profit Plan

At this point, I’ve taught you just about every major strategy I personally use in writing sales copy.

One element I usually don’t use is testimonials.

However, many people find their sales letters convert better with them, some find they convert better without.

There are two primary reason I don’t use testimonials:

I don’t like people to get an unrealistic idea of what is possible based on what other people have done.

This is about them, not about others.

That’s just me – I know it contradicts a lot of other things you hear out there.

And of course, in some niches, it might be different – but for my niche, just because one person does something, doesn’t mean someone else can.

Also the law is tough on testimonials – you are required to personally have proof of the person’s results.

In most cases you don’t – so you can’t legally use the testimonial anyhow.

That’s my view – you can certainly test or experiment and see what works for you.

If you DO choose to use testimonials – one thing is key – they MUST be from representative people.

For example, if your target market is stay at home mums but your testimonial is from an lawyer (attorney), then the stay at home mums may think…I’m not a lawyer, so it might not work for me.

That’s all for today, crack on with your daily tasks

Until next time

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