Week Six Day One Of The Six Week Profit Plan

Today I want to talk about how to improve your sales letter writing over time.

There are several great ways to improve your sales letter writing over time.

One is practice – the more you write, the easier it gets.

Two is to learn from the sales letters that impact you.

Not the ones you like – but the ones you BUY FROM.

So if you buy something, save the sales page.

Study the sales letter – WHY did you buy from THAT sales letter and not from another one?

What lines did you like?

What lines do you dislike?

One common tool is to write out other great sales letters.

That means literally copying the entire sales letter and writing it by hand.  (not to use it, but just for practice)

What happens when you do this is that your mind begins to internalise some of the language patterns that other great copywriters use

Eventually you will begin to use that language as well.

Until next time

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