Week Six Day Seven Of The Six Week Profit Plan

This is technically the last day of the course, but I have a couple more things that I want to give you…so keep an eye out for them

Yesterday’s assignment was to reply to a hypothetical letter asking you about your product.

How did you feel about your response?

Would you like to know what I would have written?

Here it is:


thanks for asking, but I need some more information before I can determine if this is a good fit for you or not.

So…(ask 3 questions about their situation)

Then, when they reply, you can tell them if it will work for them, or if something else you have or can recommend will work better.

Do you see the psychology of asking a few more questions first?

How does that make them view you, as opposed to if you had simply told them the product would work for them and why?

Powerful stuff!

Until next time

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