Bonus Day One Of The Six Week Profit Plan

Yesterday you were going to think on why you would ask more questions even if I had enough information to tell someone if they should or should not buy

Here’s why, from a psychological point of view:

What you are doing here is building the position of trusted advisor rather than that of sales person.

And you are allowing them to see that you will only sell them something if it is in THEIR interest to get it.

Also, you are going to find out more about THEIR needs and frustrations so that you can adequately tell them how you will solve those frustrations,

whereas likely in their first email they told you their problems but not their frustrations

and frustrations are what really sells (they need a problem to buy, but if they aren’t frustrated with their problem – they are less likely to buy)

Here’s another tip

If you have two products that will both help them equally – ALWAYS tell them you don’t recommend the one they wanted and give them a legitimate reason why.

Then, write something like

However, I have something else that I believe is a better fit for you, and here’s why:

And tell them why.

You build trust when you tell someone they should NOT buy something, even if you recommend something different in the next sentence.

Why do you think?

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