Software Secrets Revealed

Have you heard of “Shiny Object Syndrome?” I bet you have, if you are anything like me you will be getting emails about these things every day.

So what exactly is “Shiny Object Syndrome?” Well, it’s the latest and greatest new thing that will make you a fortune online usually with very little work involve.

You see these things exist in what is called the Unicorn Zone (which doesn’t exist) but usually you will have spent the fortune to find that out.

They are also so appealing that in a frenzy of excitement people can spend years jumping from one to the other. Always spending money and never making any.

Instead of chasing the next big thing wouldn’t it be better to concentrate on making just one great idea work for you?

You bet, in “Software Profits Revealed” Robert Corrigan reveals his strategy for making money from software.

Now you may think that it’s not that exciting. I mean how much software do you need to sell to afford that helicopter you have been promised so many times, or the yacht for that matter.

The other problem is that there IS some work required, not a lot (but that’s why the Shiny Objects are so appealing).

Robert has found a very profitable niche on eBay selling software products, not the major offerings from the big software companies with major price tags but affordable software that does EXACTLY the same job.

The good thing is that these software programs will cost you NOTHING to obtain so all the profit is yours.

These softwares include

  • Graphics Packages
  • Office Suites
  • Games
  • Tools and Utilities
  • Accounting Software
  • Modelling Software
  • CAD software

The list is massive and ALL FREE.

In “Software Profits Revealed” Robert shows you exactly how to get started in this great little business, from finding HOT products on eBay and finding your own versions of the same products.

He reveals his own source of theses products he calls it his “One Stop Shop.”

He then takes you though the entire process of making a product uniquely your own, he also provides you with a listing template and a CD/DVD authoring template so that deliver a superb buyer experience with every sale and get your buyers coming back for more!

All the tips and tricks are revealed in “Software Profits Revealed” just watch over Robert’s shoulder and do exactly what he does, its no more complicated than that.

So instead of buying the latest Shiny Object invest in “Software Profits Revealed” and build a real world sustainable and profitable business just the way he has, you’ll be glad you did, its time to start making money rather than spending it.

software secrets revealed