Trade Your Money Or Your Time

When you are working online you have a choice about what you spend.

You either spend your money or you spend your time and quite often you spend both.

When you are first staring out, you may be tempted by all those shiny little buttons and the  hype driven get rich quick schemes, some of these will cost you a little bit of money and some of these will cost you a lot of money…

but all of them will cost you your time….

unless of course you are one of the alarmingly high number of people that ‘buy’ something and then do nothing with it!…

If you are one of these people, feel free to pop by with your wallet as I have some magic beans for sale.

It’s interesting in our quick fix, push button world that if you were setting up a business that wasn’t based on the Internet, one that was bricks and mortar and could be seen and touched and where you interacted with your customers in person, you probably wouldn’t expect to make money on autopilot right from the outset and especially with no work being put into it.  Strange then that this concept is fairly mainstream online…

it’s kind of sad too, because people do actually believe that one of these shiny little buttons will make them rich over night, while they have slept.

The harsh reality is when you are trying to run a business online, you do have to put the work in, which means spending your time,

or if you are able to, you can outsource some of the tasks to save you some time, but of course then you are spending your money.

You do however have the choice to decide which you spend and how much.

But before you do that you need to work out where you want to get to and by when and for that you need to have a plan.

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