7 Marketing Tips We Can Learn From TV Adverts

I love watching TV Ads and Infomercials…think shopping channel and QVC

And I’ve ordered more than once from them and I’m sure if you sniff around most people’s homes, you’ll find SOMETHING ordered from an Ad or infomercial.

You may think of these often annoying programs as “trash TV”, but think again. Did you realize that they use many of the exact same strategies that we should?

Now, I don’t mean you need to scream at your customers or flash “$19.95” in blinking digits on your website!

Those are gimmicks.

But what most people don’t realize is that many of the STRATEGIES that sell the kitchen gadgets are the same ones that can also sell your products and programs

Here are 7 great tips:

1. They grab your attention.

TV Ads air on the most challenging medium there is out there: television.

You’re just a second away from your prospect clicking their remote to the next channel.

So they do their best to get your attention right away and KEEP it for as long as possible.

That’s why TV Ads bold statements and emphasize how this widget change your life.

You should do this too — stop beating around the bush and make it clear to your prospects how your products and services will change *their* lives!

2. They give tons of real-life testimonials.

You’ll see that TV Ads have evolved greatly since years ago.  It used to be one or two people talking to a camera for the entire time.

These days most typical 30 minute spots are over 80% customer testimonials!And that’s for good reason… they are the hands-down BEST way to gain instant credibility.

3. They use personalities.

The most successful TV Ads now use celebrity guest hosts. They know this gets people’s attention more than practically anything out there.

You can do the same in your marketing.

You can either hire a star, or even better, make YOURSELF the celebrity… by sharing stories, being personal, and having fun with your market.

4. They give an irresistible offer.

It’s rare these days to see an infomercial asking for you to pay for something in full.

You’ll mostly see things like “3 payments of $19.95” or “4 payments of $39.95”.


Cash-crunched people are always more concerned about cash flow than the total price.

They’ll even happily pay much MORE in the end in order to gain a lower monthly payment!

You can do the same. Offer a payment plan for your products, courses, workshops, and coaching.

You’ll be AMAZED at the increased response, and it’s easy to do with marketing-savvy shopping cart systems.

5. They give a strong call-to-action NOW.

The advertisers know that as soon as you change the channel, you’re going to forget about their product.

So they make it very urgent that you pick up the phone and call them now or visit their website and order.

They usually say something like “If you call in the next 10 minutes you also get…” and they list a few great bonuses.

This isn’t just specific to TV.

Everyone would rather put off ANY decision these days, we’re all so busy and overwhelmed!

So you need to give people a good REASON to act now, whether it’s a discount that expires, a payment plan that expires, a limited number of products or seats, a special bonus… you get the idea.

6. They sell on continuity.

What’s “continuity”?  Well, it’s when you make ONE sale that results in multiple charges over and over.

And done correctly, continuity can change both your business and your life!

Consider how you can use this principle in your business.

Could you convert some of your current offerings into a monthly membership? Or instead of doing one-shot webinars, create an ongoing monthly program? I do this with Internet Coaching Monthly

7. They repeat themselves. And repeat themselves.

And repeat themselves again! Smart marketers know it takes an average of 9 TIMES for someone to see/hear your message BEFORE they will even consider purchasing!

That goes for you too. I’ve heard people complain that advertising doesn’t work when they only ran one ad ONCE. Or published ONE newsletter and it didn’t get them results.

Remember it’s the ongoing exposure and repetition that breeds familiarity and trust with your prospects!

And that leads to more sales than you’ve ever imagined.

Happy Marketing

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