Used Children’s Clothes Can Make You New Money

The high cost of branded children’s clothes has made them one of the hottest commodities on eBay.  Name brand clothes like Gap and Osh Kosh seem to sell the best, but you can make money with any brand if you know how.

Getting Your Listing Right

Like all things on eBay you need to make sure your listing is descriptive, compelling, honest and has a good call to action.  Your listing in the Children’s Clothing section needs to be specific.

Starting with the title; it’s more important to list the size of the clothes and the brand name, for example “Gap girl’s jeans age 6-8″.  If you are selling used clothing be sure to let people know that.  You need to also tell them what condition they are in, are they like new, lightly used or are they new.

Do they still have the tags in them?

If they are damaged or stained you need to list this too. Buyers tend to leave you negative feedback if they get stained or damaged clothes when they are not expecting them.

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Pictures of course are very important, take the time to take good pictures of what you are selling. Your lead picture can be of a group of clothes, but in your listing show them only in a set or individually. Take your pictures with plenty of light and use a background that will help highlight them; people want to see what they are buying.

Since April 1st eBay UK now lets you add up to 12 high quality pictures

Things to do with your Pictures

  • Try to  light the entire item thoroughly and take care to avoid shadows or harsh reflections
  • Try to use a background that contrasts with the item. Ideally use a white background to make your item stand out.  For items that are white, it’s OK to use a neutral-coloured backdrop to provide some contrast
  • If you can’t use a plain backdrop, you should at least avoid background clutter that can distract buyers or confuse them about what you’re selling
  • Photograph items at close range and at an angle that provides some noticeable depth
  • Photos should be big enough to show details clearly and fill the whole frame when appropriate
  • Take multiple pictures of your item so buyers can see as much detail as possible, eg take pictures of labels, original packaging and accessories
  • Show scale, eg place a coin or a ruler next to the item to show its size
  • If the item has any flaws, stains, wear and tear, or any other damage, take pictures of those details so buyers know exactly what to expect
  • Consider using a tripod to produce sharper pictures using indoor lighting without flash
  • Set the camera to a medium or higher resolution (for example 1024×768 pixels or larger) to produce good quality photos. This allows you to show bigger pictures in your listing and provides better support for photo editing, if needed, before you upload the photos to eBay

Things not to do with your pictures

  • Don’t copy pictures from another seller, website, retailer, manufacturer or anyone else without their permission
  • If your item is reflective (eg glass on a framed artwork or it has a mirror), don’t use the flash on your camera
  • In general, avoid using your camera’s flash, or at least use it only to supplement other significant light sources

When you list your clothes try to make sure the bidding ends on a weekday evening or on a weekend as this is when most mums seem to have the time to look on eBay for sales.  Make sure if there is something unique about an item, that it is in the description so that it stands out, you need to make people notice “your” sales.

Shipping Charges

Be honest with your shipping charges and make sure to list the types of payments you will accept.  When starting out, you need people to want to buy from you, there are many other people selling clothes and you are going to have to stand out.

Once you have established your rating you will have no problem selling everything and making plenty of new money with used clothes.

This is just one Niche where there is good money to be made.

Good luck and happy selling

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