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Welcome to The WordPress Collection

Hi, I’m Steve King, it’s nice to meet you (Almost)

I remember how hard I found things when I first started using WordPress back in 2009. I was a WordPress non-techie without a clue!

But that didn’t stop me from getting stuck in and making and breaking websites until I learned what to do.

So, if you’re new to WordPress feel free to check out my various tutorials and guides below as I hope to help you avoid making some of the same mistakes that I made as a newcomer.

This page is ever-evolving, as WordPress changes a lot and as I add more content or update existing content. This page will always be the best place to start in your WordPress Journey.


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In The Pipeline

Listed below you will be able to see all the topics that I am working on in this section and what’s likely to be published next.

I try to make sure the resource is fully completed to avoid releasing anything that is not super easy to learn from and implement.

Some things take longer than others but I do my best not to keep you waiting too long

Some Basics Before We Get To WordPress

This section is dedicated to the people who have never built a WordPress website and don’t know what’s involved or the jargon that’s used in the WordPress World.

I aim to keep this super easy to understand and just as easy to implement,

To get started simply click on the title and you will be taken to another page or post within my website that shows you in depth the topic you have chosen.

  • What Is WordPress And Why Should You Use It
  • What Is A Domain Name And Why You Need One
  • What Is A Hosting Account And Why You Need One
  • eMail Account Options

Understanding How WordPress Works

  • Getting Started With WordPress
  • Gutenburg or the Classic EditorWordPress Plugins & Widgets
  • WordPress Themes & Builders

Become A Content Creator

Understand the basics of creating Content that will help drive organic traffic to your website and help build your business.

Become An Info Product Creator

I’ll show you how I use WordPress to help create and deliver Information Products and build an Affiliate Army to help sell them.

Creating A Membership Website With WordPress

I will show you every step I take when I create a membership site to sell profitable digital products & services.