One Way To Over Come Writers Block

As a Blog owner do you find that there are times when you just don’t know what to write next?

Writers block happens to even the best of writers and getting back on track can sometimes be a little frustrating.  It’s easy to get stuck for a good idea especially if you’re in a niche that you are not really passionate about.

Could it be you’re a bit frustrated because you run an Internet Marketing Blog about how to make money online and you just aren’t making any real money from it to compensate you for all the time and effort that you put in.

You know it will make money someday, because lots of other people’s blogs have…

maybe you are just three feet from gold

it would be a shame to give up now, especially after all this time

Perhaps you’ve not posted to your blog as regularly not because of writers block but because you’re pushed for time and life just gets in the way.

I’ve been guilty of both in the past.

Sometimes it’s worth taking a little step backwards and having an overview of what you already know or have on your site and seeing how you can just make something happen.

Here’s something you could easily replicate and will only take about 30 minutes to set up!

I have a section on my blog called Guest Post Opportunities.

Before I jumped into the golf niche I invited some of my marketing friends to publish their posts on my blog, in exchange for a link back to their site.  

I’ve done a few guest posts in my time so I know the value of a good guest post.

Feel free to copy what I have in place and use it on your own site to attract like minded people to write for you in exchange for a link to their website.

Happy Marketing

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